Clearwater Florida Photographer’s Paradise

Photography in the Clearwater Florida area is a dream come true. Stunning sunsets, some pretty wild wildlife and nature parks and miles of gorgeous beaches are some of the highlights of this photographer’s paradise. For beach family photos, sunset portraits and modelling photography the white sands and warm Gulf of Mexico water from St. Petersburg to Honeymoon Island make for a uniquely fun and relaxed photoshoot experience.

Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is David Nas and I’m excited to introduce you to my work. In the internet age photographs and video have become an integral part of how we communicate with each other and it’s now possible for that communication to be instantaneous and worldwide. Whether its sharing the intimate joy of your family or creating a time capsule celebrating special life moments like a wedding or graduation, the artistic touch of a professional photographer can really express that sense of heightened emotion you experienced during the event. Also, very often a great business portrait for LinkedIn or a knockout modelling photo or headshot can be the catalyst that helps you land a great new job or get the attention of a future client that can take your business and life to the next level!

For over twenty years I’ve been a media professional and have worked for major movie studios and television networks in Los Angeles and New York including Warner Bros, Disney, ABC, Fox and HBO. In 2019 after thirteen years in NYC and a lot of soul searching I decided to leave the corporate main stream media, move out of my Upper West Side apartment and begin a new journey pursuing my love of photography and desire to express myself with artistic integrity. It’s often said that timing is everything and the timing of my exodus from Manhattan was truly an act of God! Last November when I drove a UHAUL van with everything I owned in it over the George Washington bridge, I looked back across the cold, grey rubicon of the Hudson at my old office building, the one hundred and one story skyscraper at 30 Hudson Yards and knew deep down everything was about to change. A nice long road trip is a great way to clear your head and a road trip from coast to coast was exactly what I needed. I had just started to settle in and reconnect with old friends when another act of God had me suddenly rushing from California to Florida to be near a sick family member. For months hospitalization, multiple procedures and rehabilitation became a daily reality, but happily that reality is now one of healing and recovery. Although I knew things were changing dramatically for me, by March of 2020 I was realizing that the entire world was undergoing a massive shift as well.

When I left New York City I had absolutely no idea I’d be where I am now, but I feel truly blessed to be here and to become more a part of the community every day. The beach has been a second home for me since I was a child. From the shores of Lake Erie, then out to Southern California and now in Clearwater, I’ve always loved sun, sand and surf. Now I’m looking forward to working together with other professionals, artists, businesses and those who want to create memorable imagery that gets family, friends and customers really buzzing!

david nas

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